Return 2006

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Inspired by Hank’s post of Your Personal Rate of Return, I had to find out my rate of return for myself.  After navigating and getting a headache from Fidelity Investments, I finally decided to call and figure out where your personal rate of return was.  Evidently your personal rate of return doesn’t apply to Roth IRA’s.  Frustrated, Hank told me to calculate it myself.  With all the technology out there I was depending on a website to tell me my rate of return.  What’s this world coming to?  So I whip out the calculator and after a few keystrokes; are you guys ready?  Drum roll please……  My personal rate of return this year is a whopping 9.19%.  Whoooooo hoooo!

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  1. annie Says:

    i have no return…sad

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