Egg roll

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Why do they call egg rolls, egg rolls? They don’t have egg in it or egg white. There’s no egg rolled up in them. There’s no egg mixture. It’s not even the shape of an egg.

Wikipedia’s Egg Roll: An egg roll is made by wrapping a combination of chopped vegetables (often mostly cabbage), meat, and sometimes noodles, in a sheet of dough, then deep frying it. It can be closed or open ended.

Where in the definition does it say egg except for the name?

truly baffling…

4 Responses to “Egg roll”

  1. gbf Says:

    Hmmm…I think you’d have to go back to history and find out who messed up on the translating…cause you know technically they are “spring rolls” cause “egg rolls” are the dessert ones that come in a tin can….

  2. nie Says:

    actually…some people do make it with eggs inside when there is meat. something about the eggs with the meat to hold it together…

  3. drew Says:

    what about blue cheese oh smart one…….

  4. jwu Says:

    Blue cheese actually has blue veins running through it. Most people don’t see it cause they only see the chopped up version or dressing. Most of the cheese is white colored but it has blue in it as well.

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