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Since America is one of the most overworked countries, this is a good time to suggest changes.  The last 2 weeks of the year is the most festive time of the year.  Arguably Thanksgiving could be the most festive, but I think most people would agree that Christmas and New Years is the time of year when most people retreat to their families and loved ones.  This is also the time of the year when corporate America slows to a crawl and offices are at less than half-staff.  So what’s the point of even coming to work?  Everyone’s in the festive mood and the last thing they want to do is work.  Companies are closing their books on the year and waiting for the New Year to start anew.  I suggest that corporate America go to bare minimum staff, rotate the minimum staff and if something happens, call people back to work.  Oh yea, lets exclude the first responders like police, fire, and health care.  I would hate to be injured and at a hospital to find bare minimum staff.

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  1. d.solo Says:

    I second that.. i think i have 4 weeks for vacation starting Jan 1 lol! yippe

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