Year in Review

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This is the year in review:

1) Photography takes a ton of space. This is the year of the external hard drives. Compared to last year’s photgraph’s hard drive space, this year matched it in April. Never had I had to scramble for space. The newly purchased MacBook’s hard drive was full in 2 months. My online photo album grew and now requires categories. And I still remain backlogged in pictures. Japan pictures are still left to sort and process a total of 1800 pictures. Argh!

2) I sold my place. It’s hard to uproot and move, but I finally made the dive and sold my place for personal reasons. More than ever I can’t find my stuff because it’s still in boxes in 2 different locations. Never has my MacBook been more useful as it’s been my only way to get on the internet. There’s no cable so I totally rely on the Internet.

3) Too many church events. Thank God Houston Church hosted many events. It’s been a blessing, but also has taken quite a toll on my life. Small churches lack manpower and it was so evident during the Ministers’ Workshop. Nevertheless the events went smoothly. My only solution for this is to get use to it cause next year’s first quarter is already packed with church events.

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