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I don’t remember when Apple released iPhone’s 3.0 firmware, but I remember strongly going against it. Having a jailbroken phone is like playing cat and mouse with Apple. I’m a bit tired of reading on when to upgrade, when not to upgrade, what I can install and not install. I’ve always needed a phone more as a phone above anything else. As time passed my phone started running slower and slower. Why? You have to believe even with the best operating systems, it’s still good to format and start over cause things over time start running slower and slower. I started experiencing the phone lagging when jumping in between applications. So today I decided it was time to upgrade the firmware. Side note: These days it’s so much easier to upgrade firmware unlike the old days with many different steps. After upgrading it seems to have fixed the lag of the phone from before plus I get the new updated features. Man, why didn’t someone tell me 3.0 was worth the upgrade? I’m enjoying my phone again as if it was the first month I purchased the phone.

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