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First of all Happy Thanksgiving to the few readers who read my blog these days.

This Thanksgiving was a little bit different from the norm. The norm is to have Thanksgiving with a handful of families in Port Lavaca. Well this year one of the families moved out of state, another chose to have Thanksgiving out of state with family and the last “usual” family chose to host their own Thanksgiving. Personally it doesn’t bother me who we have it with cause usually I’m stuck at the kids table and after the kids eat they do their own thing. No big deal for me to have Thanksgiving with one other family except it was hot pot. There are those who are a fan of hot pot and those who aren’t. I side with those who aren’t fans of hot pot. To me it’s boiled food that’s dipped it a satay sauce so all you taste is satay. Plus I get hungry really fast after eating hot pot. Didn’t matter though, cause all the calories I consumed I easily burned away from the basketball. One thing great about going home during the holidays is that there’s enough to run full court basketball. Every year I get slower and slower. Oh well, at least it keeps me in shape. Can’t wait for next Thanksgiving!

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