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Today at the end of the day a coworker touted his new phone is the iPhone killer. As predicted this is the year of the “iPhone killer.” All the big players have pushed and released phones with the same form factor as the iPhone and has labeled their phone as the phone to bring down the iPhone. Granted, Apple wasn’t the first phone to use that form factor, but it was the first company to make that form factor popular. Here are my thoughts on this subject. Years ago when the iPod was popular Sandisk bragged many of its mp3 players would kill the iPod. Earlier this year I read an article from Sandisk that it has failed and it will no longer market any of its devices as the iPod killer. The iPhone has morphed into something far greater than just a phone. Not only do manufacturers have to come up with something that’s seamless between a phone and a music device, but now it has to deal with the behemoth of an App store that no one predicted. So I would say go for it, tout as many iPhone killers as you want, it makes no difference to me. However the day Apple pays me for every person I’ve converted to the iPhone, I will continue to sit in my corner and laugh silently at any company who dares to label their next device as the iPhone killer.

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