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For the record the two things I think is a total waste money is Starbucks coffee and tapioca tea drinks. If you ever calculate it down to how much profit these drink places make, it’s ridiculous. When made in bulk it takes less than 12 cents max to make the drinks no matter how complicated they are. But you know what, I give into the social aspect of buying these drinks. When I’m out in a group with friends, I can’t help but get one. However, when I’m by myself, I can easily refuse. Case and point: I was in Starbucks the other day buying bulk coffee for my trip. I bought 2 lbs of coffee and when I was checking out the barista asked if I wanted a drink with the coffee beans. “No thanks,” I politely declined. “Are you sure?” “Yeah, I’m sure. I’m good.” I’m already spending 24 bucks on coffee no need to spend 4 bucks more. “How about I give you a drink since you bought 2 lbs of coffee?” Haha… I can easily refuse a $4 drink, but free, I can’t refuse. “Sure, I’de like a…….” Starbucks might have defeated me 100 times, but this one time I got a free drink.

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