Labor day

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I spent this Labor day in Port Lavaca. For all those keeping track, this is my first time going home to Port Lavaca for the year. I feel bad for not going home cause I’m busy doing other things and I end up putting off going home. Back then when I didn’t have many responsibilities it was so easy to visit home. I didn’t need to tell anyone and I can go home on a “Hey! I feel like going home!”. These days to visit home it’s almost like the stars have to align before I can make that trip home. This time going home was like going to Duffcon2. We LAN’ed the computers together and we played Starcraft and Warcraft3. I’m glad my friends finally saw that Warcraft3 had better custom maps. We did spend the majority of the time playing tower defense and footmen frenzy. I know it sounds dorky and a waste of a weekend, but it felt good to not have a care in the world when playing games only getting up to eat and use the restroom. It was a short glimpse of what use to be and how I use to live. Now that I returned to Houston things are back to normal and no more gaming until the next Duffcon.

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