Worse luck

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Some people have good luck at spurts, but I have the worst luck when I get pulled over. It all started when I was still in college. I was exiting off i35 to make a right at the MLK exit to get to UT campus. As many times as I’ve driven that intersection I’ve always seen people make a right on red ignoring the sign. Yeah, I got pulled over. Almost 3 years ago I was driving on Washington. It’s a 4 lane street 2 lanes going one way separated by the double yellow lines. I was heading home and almost about to make a right turn when I see a cop driving in the oncoming traffic lane. No big deal, there’s a police station close to downtown so I think nothing of it. When I make the right turn I see the flashing lights and the cop got me for expired inspection. Who gets a ticket like that? I mean the cop must have been starring at oncoming traffic’s inspection stickers. Sigh.. What bad luck. I saved the best for last though. Last month I was exiting 59 trying to make a right turn. Well the right turn comes fairly quickly and double white lines is used to prevent drivers exiting the freeway from immediately getting into the right lane. In my defense while in a company vehicle I prefer not to get in the front and cut people off to make the right turn. Instead I chose to cross the double white lines when it was clear and get in line for the right turn lane. Yeah, the cop saw it differently. My opinion is if I was to get pulled over, get me for speeding. At least let me have the thrill of going fast before getting caught.

Sheesh! Give me a break!

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  1. Helen Says:

    You know…when I get pulled over I just immediately start saying “I’m SORRYYYYYYYYY.” I dont debate or argue with the officer. Maybe you should try that.

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