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It’s not often I get called out. I do like the call outs cause it’s a challenge to test how well you handle under pressure. Today I was at church assembling bookshelves when I got the call. There were reports of a fire and I had to go assist with 2 other techs on route. In my 10 years of service this is my first call on a fire in progress. When I finally get to the service center to get the company van, I started driving towards the smoke I see in the distance. When I got closer to the job site emergency responders completely closed off all the streets going to the job site. Great… When I find a smaller street, I was able to drive around the police car and get somewhat closer. We normally don’t staff on the weekend and we rely on call outs to handle trouble. When I got out all the employees from other departments were there waiting on me. “There he is.” “Bout time you showed up.” Those were the comments I got. Apparently in emergency situations even when our equipment is in flames no one’s allowed to touch any of our equipment until we make it safe for others. It’s THAT serious that the fire department won’t attempt to try to put out the fire until the electricity is shut off and grounded. It took another hour when I arrived at the scene before the fire department started putting out the fire. By that time the fire was close to burning itself out.

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