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I didn’t think I would ever get tired of the cat and mouse game with running a hacked iPhone, but slowly it’s beginning to wear on me. Back during the first generation iPhone days I would spend hours upon hours reading on the different things you could do with the phone. I would download every game released on the jailbroken phone. Back then there wasn’t even an App store so to have games on the phone was a huge step. It became such an obsession to have the latest firmware and latest App I soon bricked the phone. And if I didn’t learn my lesson, I bricked it 4 more times soon learning how to easily unbrick the phone. After iPhone 3G came out and soon the 3GS slowly the urge to have all the games faded. Despite what people tell me I still believe that the more Apps you have on the phone the slower it would run. These days I need the phone more as a communication device than a gaming device. I enjoyed it while it lasted, and all the props go to Apple for creating the next generation gaming device. All those self proclaimed iPod killers and iPhone killers never lasted. Perhaps one day Apple will sell the phone unlocked. Or perhaps I should get an iPod Touch and use that as the gaming device.

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