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Why am I so lazy?

Over the weekend the country celebrated Independence Day. Usually for the 4th I hang out with my friends and have a cookout. I still remember last year’s at a friend’s house. Food was good and everyone had a good time. But when it came time for the fireworks, none of my friends wanted to go. My only reason for going is taking pictures of the fireworks. Usually when my friends don’t want to go, I put it off. But last year I was willing to go alone. The only thing that stopped me is that I didn’t drive and my car was at home. This year was a little bit different. The party was in Galveston in the morning to the evening. I didn’t want to leave after church to drive down to Galveston only to come back in a few hours, so I opted not to go. So instead I went alone to the park and took pictures of the fireworks with the Houston skyline in the background. The pictures didn’t come out like I wanted them to. I will post some eventually. This is probably my last Independence Day so close to downtown.

Happy Bday America!

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