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WWDC was Monday and Apple introduced their new line of laptops, software, and new phone. First of all, I’m a fan of the way Apple has the conference to come out and introduce the new products. I like how they use really easy terms, multiplication factors and percentages to prove a point. Apple’s always been good about not using benchmark numbers but easy numbers for the average consumer to understand. I also like how once they do the presentation you can buy the product that day. Most of the time they are able to have the product available that same day. This year the 13″ MacBook Pro was announced. I have to pick on this because in the beginning of the year at the last MacWorld Apple announced the MacBook Aluminum. I was sold and ready to downsize thinking the Aluminum line won’t be updated for 4 years minimum (following Apple’s trends). The MacBook Aluminum line lived only 6 months to be replaced by the 13″ MacBook Pro. To make it worse, the starting price drops for something better, faster, and now cheaper. Not only do I have a short lived notebook, I could possibly have a notebook with unique parts.


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  1. helen Says:

    Wooo…Since I didn’t follow the trend because this yr…is obviously unlike the others (with the recession and all) …does that make me more computer savvy??????

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