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In recent gadget news, Sony Ericsson is ditching its Memory Stick in favor of Micro SD. Sony is about 7 years too late in doing this. There was a time I owned a Sony credit card and only favored Sony products. There has been too many proprietary hardware throughout the years for Sony to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Lesson learned, when you lead the industry in innovation and products, you don’t go creating your own standard to compete against the industry. It’s a battle that can’t be won. Sony has failed many times starting from the Beta to MiniDisc to UMD. It’s a costly lesson and in my opinion has cost Sony its reputation.

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  1. jwu Says:

    you know Apple does this too right?

  2. drew Says:

    apple is proprietary heaven. but through the years i’ve learned all my pc frustrations were fixed by apple. and yes apple’s overpriced too

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