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On a normal uninteresting day I stumble into something post worthy.

I’m working overtime 6:00pm and after eating dinner I head back to the jobsite when it happened. On the way back I see Mr. cool dude riding a custom fat boy motorcycle. If I’m not mistaken a fat boy is defined as a bike with a skinny tire in the front and a huge wide tire in the back. So Mr. cool dude dressed to the T helmet, handkerchief over the mouth button up shirt and jeans. His bike is totally custom (I know from watching American Choppers) with a custom paint job, suicide shifter, heck even the handlebar grips were custom. We pull up to a stoplight and Mr. cool dude evidently was either a) on drugs b) enjoying the weather but not c) paying attention when he love tapped the car in front of him. Once he tapped the car in front of him he drops the bike. He stands up and opens up his arms as to say, “What were you doing?” to the car in front of him. As I’m watching this I’m in shock. The car in front barely notices and drives off as Mr. cool dude starts his bike and tries to drive off. We pull up closer and I notice some bolts and spacers lying on the ground from where he dropped the bike. That will cost him I said to myself as I started laughing. My coworker notices the Mr. cool dude and after I continued to laugh he said:

“Why are you laughing?”

“Hahahaha. What was that guy thinking? Seriously, he has no one to blame but himself. I don’t even know why he thought the guy in front of him was at fault.”

As it turned out Mr. cool dude dropping his bike somehow messed up his ability to shift his bike out of neutral. Mr. cool dude had to walk the bike probably to the parking lot as we drove off. It’s good to have a laugh every once in a while.

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