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Tonight the Rockets are on the brink of finishing the first round series against the Portland Trailblazers. I admittedly have been less of a Rockets’ fan in the past few years because it’s the same story every year. We’ve always got a strong team on paper but when it comes to performing we are always battling injuries. After being on the T-Mac wagon for many years I finally gave up on the whiney superstar. I believe as a team there are many sacrifices each individual player has to make. McGrady hasn’t reached the point in his career where he would do less to gain the wins. Perhaps he will never reach that point, who knows. I hope this is their year to get out of the first round. I’m tired of all the disappointing years. I know the team’s good enough to beat Portland. Go Rockets. I won’t celebrate until I know it’s a win.

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  1. fun Says:

    you can celebrate now!

  2. drew Says:

    i did.. haha

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