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I haven’t been to Dallas in a few years and last weekend was the first time in what feels like a long time. Our church had an RETW event hosted in Dallas church. I always go kicking and screaming to these events cause I don’t like to be out of the comforts of my own home. It holds true every single event I attend that when I’m sleeping there has to be someone snoring. It holds true every single event I attend I’m sleep deprived. Nevertheless spending the time to get closer to God always changes my attitude.

This time the focus was on teaching and different techniques we could use. One activity we did was teaming up into 2’s and your partner was blindfolded while the other one spoke and guided his/her partner through the obstacle course. During the drive home from Dallas to Houston I start reflected upon that particular activity. Even though the activity was fun and quite entertaining there’s much we can take from it. As an RE student there are obstacles in life we must face. The person instructing you is the RE teacher guiding the blindfolded student. Going through the obstacle course sometimes we need strict instructions and sometimes the instructions can be broad. Sometimes we are allowed to test the waters and sometimes we need someone to guide us through. Not everyone the student encounters will benefit them and not every decision the student makes will glorify God. But as teachers we are there to guide them, sometimes we are gentle, sometimes we are stern, and sometimes we are patient. However it’s undeniable how much we want the student to succeed in God’s eyes and be a shining beacon of light in a world growing dimmer and dimmer.

Saying that, I will probably be kicking and screaming going to the next event. Nevertheless I will make the best of it. Pictures are posted from the event.


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