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Have I ever mentioned I hated fiberglass insulation? With all the technology out there and as smart as mankind is, can’t someone invent something that doesn’t irritate the skin? Sheesh, it’s like that stuff gets on you and next thing you know you feel it for the next 3 days until it finally goes away. BTW, hanging ceilings don’t rate too high on my list either. Someone please invent something that doesn’t come down on you when you take the ceiling tiles down. Everytime we have to do some ceiling work all of it comes down and once you start breathing that stuff it makes you cough. I’m glad I don’t do this type of work everyday. If I did I would probably get fiberglasstosis. Yeah I made that up and I have no medical proof, but I hope one day it’ll be used to describe cancer you get from breathing dust and fiberglass insulation.

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  1. Brenda W Says:

    Be careful with that stuff. After my bout with fiberglass-skin-irritation, I learned to wear long sleeves and a mask…uncomfortable, but, at least a little more protection.

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