Jenny and Jing

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I can add another mark on the belt for shooting weddings. Last night Jenny and Jing were married and I had the privilege to shoot the wedding. I’ve shot friends’ weddings and people I don’t know. The ones I prefer and have much more fun shooting are friends’ weddings. It’s the friends’ weddings you know most of the people there. It’s also the friends’ weddings you are more comfortable and are able to get shots you are less likely to get when shooting strangers’ weddings. When I shoot friends’ I’m more behind the scenes. At the end of the day I am exhausted. Asian weddings tend to last the whole day and after 10 hours you start to feel the burn in your legs. Nevertheless I wouldn’t trade that to shoot strangers’ weddings.

Congrats Jenny and Jing. I had a great time shooting your wedding.

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  1. sc Says:

    friend weddings do take your iphones either, hahaha

  2. sc Says:

    oops, i meant don’t

  3. drew Says:

    hahaha.. how true, how true. i started leaving my phone at home and in the car.

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