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Ever since my point and shoot, Pentax Optio S was stolen almost 3 years ago I haven’t had the urge to buy another point and shoot. Since I bought an SLR class camera, I’ve always opted to carry the heavier camera favoring higher quality pictures. Now I’ve been carrying the heavy camera/lens around, I’m starting to have the itch to buy another point and shoot. I’ve always read the Canon G series has been a great camera for advanced camera users because #1) it has manual features #2) it’s portable and #3) it has a hot shoe. Now that I have a wireless transmitter and receiver it enables me to move the flash off camera. Bundle that with a Canon G10 and all of a sudden you opened up another dimension of photography that’s impossible with a normal point and shoot. To prove the point I borrowed Ken’s G9 and I was quite impressed. It was just as simple to use the wireless transmitter and receiver on the G9 as my SLR. I’m so impressed I’m willing to recommend it for people who want more than a point and shoot, but is not ready to spend money on an SLR. It’s a smaller investment and a great beginner camera to learn manual features of any camera.

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