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Growing up in a Chinese household sucks when you are sick. I almost can not remember a time when my parents allowed me to stay home sick. Every single time I was sick I was still forced to go to school. It mattered none that I had the flu and was highly contagious. It mattered none I was coughing and my nose was dripping like a leaky faucet. I still had to go to school. After moving out and working it was finally up to me to decide how to handle being sick. Should I stay home or force myself to work sick? Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that if I was sick and contagious like with a bad cough, then I would stay home. Otherwise I would suck it up and force myself to work. If it was bad enough, I would go see the doctor and get a few days off from work. Tell you what; it’s the best system to have. Who knows how many people I got sick when I was going to school. Who knows how many people they got sick after I got them sick. My rule of thumb at work is if you are sick and have a chance to get other people sick, do us all a favor please stay home. I don’t want what you have.

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  1. helen Says:

    Why was it that you rode back in a crowded car with me from Austin all coughing and sick THEN?

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