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I just went to the worst spin class teacher tonight. Spin is a fancy word for stationary cycling. There’s an instructor and she (never had a male spin instructor) encourages you to ride faster/slow while adjusting resistance. I’ve been spinning for quite some time and I find even though the class tortures me, I do get a good workout. After going awhile you find the good teachers and easy teachers. Some don’t push you as hard while some stay at the higher resistances. For me to gauge a good teacher, the teacher has to be able to spin at the resistance and speeds she tells the students. I’m always observing the instructor because in the back of my mind, I’m ready for the class to end. So tonight this instructor while giving us instruction in a monotone voice got off the bike multiple times during class to either adjust the music or walk around class. Not only that, 3 times during the class she gets off the bike stands there and watch us bike. I have respect and end up pushing myself harder if the instructor was able to perform to her instructions. I don’t know what to say except you’re the laziest spin instructor I’ve had.

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