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Lately I’ve heard of legislatures working to ban the use of cell phones while driving. Use to I would have mixed feelings about this subject. This is a free country and we are allowed rights. Being able to talk while driving has been a convenience and it was often a safety net talking to a friend when driving long distances late at night. However there are more and more people who are driving while using their cell phones and it is distracting them to the point where they aren’t aware of their surroundings. Personally, there are some days when I’m aware and fine while on the cell phones but there are days where I’m hitting the drunken speed bumps on the side of the road. At least the days when I’m not as coordinated I’m aware enough to tell the person on the phone I’m having a hard time doing both to save the conversation for later. The statistics are staggering 1 in 20 accidents are caused by people on the cell phone driving. You know what, at those rates I’m willing to give up that right. Most of my driving is spent on the job and I’ve seen too many drivers unaware of their surroundings while talking on the cell phone. Let’s fine these people and get the repeat offenders off the roads. I’ll easily pull over to make a phone call if it makes our roads safer.

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  1. jwu Says:

    Enforcement might be an issue, much like seat belt laws. I think having the law would increase safety much like seat belt laws have, but…I wasn’t on my phone officer I was scratching my ear. I can easily imagine police officers pulling over minorities because they ‘thought’ they were on a cell phone…but now that you are stopped, may I search your vehicle.

    Either way, I support such a law. The craziest thing is texting and driving.

  2. Chris Says:

    Found your blog!

    I’m in favour of a total ban. If you have a hands free kit, that’s slightly better, but people focus on the conversation rather than the task of driving. It’s banned in Norway after they did studies and found that driving whilst on the phone/texting was as bad as drink driving.

    My company bans it completely, even with a hands free kit. I’m amazed at the random drivers out there and for the most part they’re on the phone. It’s not a right when you have the chance to hurt other people.

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