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This time of the year is the worst time of the year to shop at the Galleria. Lines are long, parking’s almost impossible to find on the weekends and the area is close to gridlocked. Today I was asked, and here’s how the conversation went.

Friend: any chance you’re going to the galleria tomorrow? ^_^
Me: NO, that’s a death wish
Friend: lol… okay~
Me: it’ll be a mad house in there
Me: it’ll be like the americans bombing tokyo
Me: it’ll be like ants running out of an ant pile when you step in it
Me: it’ll be like office donuts in the morning
Me: it’ll be like me announcing free food at the homeless shelter
Friend: ok dude.. i get it ^_^
Me: oh i wasn’t done
Friend: ohh.. sorry for interrupting.. please continue with your allegories…
Me: it’ll be like payday at the casinos
Me: it’ll be like giving away free tshirts at the rockets game
Friend: done?
Me: it’ll be like rice to a philipino
Me: it’ll be like michael jordan playing bball again
Me: itl’l be like yao walking the streets in china
Me: it’ll be like koreans over kimchee
Friend: still not done…?
Me: ok.. i’m done
Friend: wooo… ok, glad you got it out your system…
Friend: so about that… y’sure you won’t be going to the galleria tomorrow???
Friend: (grin)
Me: it’ll be like LV monograms on a purse
Friend: back to that again….?? ^_^
Me: you don’t like that one?
Friend: yeah, that was a good one…
Me: it’s like the vietnamese opening nail salons
Me: hehe
Friend: lol… what’ve i done…

Get the hint I don’t like the Galleria during this time of the year?

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