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I just finished watching the Rockets game and so far I like what I see. Tonight the Rockets showed much more firepower while hanging onto the defense of the Van Gundy days. Although Dallas appears to be weaker this year it was great to watch the Rockets turn up their game to match Dallas’s running game. Historically the Rockets have been picked to be a championship contender dating as far back as the Charles Barkley days. The results: 0 NBA finals appearances. I don’t want to jump to conclusions or predict anything until I see it. Instead of going to many regular season games maybe I’ll reverse the strategy and go to a few playoff games. I can’t wait for Shane Battier to come back.


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  1. fun Says:

    yesh, they look pretty good. I want to see them play the lakers, spurs and hornets before i make a judgment on them…

  2. diggler Says:

    mcgrady and yao’s health are both liabilities… artest does make them a physically tougher team though

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