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Things have returned to semi-normal over the weekend. September has been a flash and I spent most of October trying to catch up on things I didn’t do in September. I did have lots of errands stacked up including multiple trips to the bank. Over the weekend I had a chance to get out on the football field for a weekend favorite, flag football. I do have to admit my skills are starting to decline. What use to come so naturally is starting to feel out of place. My mind knows where I have to be to best position myself to make the play, but my body lags. The last 2 times I played there were many plays where I thought I was fast enough or jumped high enough to catch the ball only to find I was wrong. But hey, I still enjoy the game for all it’s worth and I’ll still continue to play. I knew at some point I wouldn’t be able to play competitively. That passed many many years ago. haha

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  1. Helen Says:

    …ANDREW!!! are you getting old?

  2. drew Says:

    i am. it’s getting harder for me to get in shape to run w/ the kids

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