Obama natural born citizen?

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Normally I’m no political buff; in fact, I despise it. These people live in the arena of painting themselves perfect while pointing out the flaws of anyone who opposes. But we are in election year and this the biggest opportunity Americans have to say who we want to lead us for the next 4 years in other words I force myself to listen to these politicians. The last 2 days on AM radio (yes, I still exists) the talk shows have been hammering Obama’s natural born status. It’s shocking to me something a big as this surfaced just 2 weeks before election.


Does this have merit? At first I thought no because something as huge as this could have easily been reported. But as the Philip Berg states, the Obama campaign has refused and ignored the federal court asking for documentation makes me believe there’s some truth to it. Why should it matter if Obama wasn’t a natural born citizen? If that was the case then being a natural born citizen shouldn’t be a requirement to be president. If that was the case then are we saying to Americans and other countries our constitution doesn’t mean what it says? At any rate now there’s 2 things to be pissed about, the economy and a candidate who may not even be eligible to hold the presidency.

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  1. jwu Says:


    Federal judge in Philadelphia last night threw out a complaint



    he does have a birth certificate


    there’s always the McCain born in Panama thing haha

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