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I’ve followed this rule of thumb for quite some time now.

Saturday night after poker Ken left my place to find his front passenger side window was smashed. Anytime things happen at my place I do feel responsible, sorry Ken. I’m quite puzzled cause on any given weekend there are BMW’s and Lexus’s parked outside my community. Why they chose to smash an Acura and stealing change and gum is beyond me. At any rate my point is to not leave anything in plain view when parking your car. People are always watching. I’ve always had the habit of moving even my backpack in the trunk when I park my car. There’s no need to attract any more attention to your car than necessary.

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  1. Ken Says:

    No worries Drew, no blame is put on you.

    Everything was hidden away from plain view (gum and change) EXCEPT the wires for the iPod charger and the Aux in cord. Those were in plain sight. Although nothing was attached to them, I guess the wires could be enough motivation to break into my car to POTENTIALLY steal an iPod.

    I never thought that wires would be enough motivation to break into a car, but when you are desperate for money or a fix, it’ll drive a man to do anything and everything to quench that need.

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