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We have our big employee meeting once every few years. It’s an opportunity for our VP’s of different areas in the company to get together and meet their employees. Have you ever listened to a politician speak? Going to these meetings is very similar to a person standing and speaking many words but have little meaning. So the company grew X% and the economy is moving at Y pace and zzzzZZzzzzzzzz. Finally the VP of human resources got up for his spill. I like to change up the words and make jokes of things that aren’t intended to be funny.

“…….due to the aging workforce….,” the VP said.

“……..due to the Asian workforce?…..,” I said as I looked at the coworker sitting next to me.

Coworker responds by sitting back and laughing.

“Yeah,” he said, “we need more Chius’.”

At least it breaks up a monotonous meeting.

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