Shotgun rules

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Heard this on the radio last week and thought it was cool. If I was the passenger riding in my friend’s car the best seat is the front passenger side. Best seat in the house means you got control of the radio, air conditioner and heck the view’s better. But if you were riding with many friends, who determines the person sitting in that seat? In my experience, we’ve always played the game of calling shotgun before getting in the car. The rule we use the most is the line of sight. Shotgun can only be called when the car is visible. Once it’s visible then it’s fair game and anyone can call shotgun. This website lays down all the rules for calling shotgun, when it applies and when it doesn’t apply. I’ve always thought my friend played unfairly until I read the “Significant Others” rule. Read the history behind shotgun. I thought it was interesting. I’ve always played the game, but never knew the history or why the front passenger seat was called shotgun.


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