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I’ve never understood why this is the work norm. When I co-oped and when I started my permanent job during my free time, while we sat around, I would pick up a magazine or newspaper to read. Both times on different jobs I was chastised and told to put it away opting to sit and do nothing. Why is it wrong to leaisure read when all your assigned work is done? I couldn’t find a way around this culture during my co-op period, but I did find a way with the latter job. After I heard the company was pro employees going back to school at night I jumped on the bandwagon. Sure schoolwork sucks compared to leisure reading, but at least my mind wasn’t sitting idle for mold to collect. During that time I wasn’t afraid of and never got in trouble for doing homework. From that point on I vowed if I made the position leader, I would always encourage those under me to continue their education or bring things to do during our idle time. Guess what, I made it. All the guys assigned to work under me are encouraged to continue learning. I told them if they took night classes I would make time for them during the day to do their homework. The real intention is for people to keep their mind busy and keep learning. If this job was a stepping-stone, then let it be, get your education and move on, I would tell them. If this is your final destination then learn something on the side that can generate money. Surely we had enough idle time for anyone to pick up a second degree if needed. Plus with the shrinking retirement trend and uncertainty of Social Security, don’t depend on this company to provide when near retirement. Create your own retirement and go when you please. See your coworkers coming back from retirement meetings complaining they can’t retire because the company doesn’t pay enough?

Enough said…….

And to think it all started from not being able to read during idle time……….

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