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Good Karlton, Good doggie…….. *snap. (Karlton reminds me of the guy in Fresh Prince)

For those who like to mock the post process:
ISO 200
Focal Length 60
Aperture F4
Shutter Speed 0.3
White Balance Auto
Contrast -3
Brightness +5
USM 50% @ 1.0
Gaussian Blur 3.0
Clone Stamp Used
Shadow +5%
Highlights +8%

Thanks for taking the picture, Ken.

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  1. Ken Says:

    without your long, full of girth lens, it wouldn’t have been possible.

    this is the same picture, but I “cheated” and used Adobe Lightroom to achieve these effects. I heavily cropped and dropped down the darks and upped the highlights to get a deeper contrast. With just a tad of saturation also, here it is:


    Andrew, you should post a before/after picture for comparison of the three.

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