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I’ve wondered this for a while, but I don’t think I’ll ever wonder again. After lunch I dropped by the T-Mobile store next door. I like to drop in every once in a while just to see the line of phones T-Mobile stocks to see the direction the company’s headed. Not that any phones they stock would impress an iPhone user. When one of the reps asked if I needed help, I inquired about the text messaging plan. I know I’ll eventually have text messaging but for the time being I wanted to know the different price points. Since I asked about text messaging I decided to throw in, “Is there way to block text messages all together?” Rep: T-Mobile hasn’t found a way to block text messages, but it is something they’re working on. Think about it. You actually think a company will invest time and money to save users money by blocking text messages? Even if it’s unwanted texts users still get charged. I think not. I should give in and pay for text messages.

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