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Fixing computers is one of my many tasks at work. It’s quite an easy task for me because those with gaming backgrounds know how to fix and tweak computers from upgrading hardware all the time. So I get a call before the year ended last year asking about a computer not acting correctly. Short of explaining the computer problem, the tech told me he got my cell phone number from someone writing my name and number with a pencil on a panel. Since it’s partially my responsibility, I told him I would put it on my list and make an effort to go out there when I had time. Fast forward to today (I’m fast at trouble calls) I finally make it out there to Tomball, Texas (Google map it and tell me it’s far from downtown Houston). When I get out there the first thing I did was take an eraser and erase my name and cell number off the panel.

Take That! Asking me to fix something out of my area……

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  1. meebo Says:

    haha….that sounds like something you would do

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