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With Leopard’s Time Machine, I figured it was time to get serious about backing up my data. As much time as I spend on the computer, it’s on of the most neglected things I do. Grant it, I’ve never had a hard drive failure until Ricefarm v1. But still, it wasn’t enough for me to start backing up my data. Keep in mind the majority of my data is pictures and music. On the PC I had a habit of manually copying my data onto two separate drives. Once I converted to a Mac, I hung all my data on one drive. It wasn’t until Time Machine that made backing up easy on an Apple computer. Over the Christmas break I purchased a hard drive enclosure to make use of the many drives collecting dust. I easily spent over 10 hours formatting one drive to OSX Journaled, moving data from one drive to another, formatting another to OSX Journaled and then moving data back. The process wasn’t easy or smooth. To this day I’m still not done and I’m guessing it’ll take another 10 hours to move things over. Why do I have so much data? Shrugs. I wish life was simpler, but it isn’t.

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