Friend-seeking personalities

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Over the years I’ve known a lot of people and observed different personalities. Of course I have no scientific proof, but it’s something I came up with based upon observation. People have different ways to seek friends. How you find them and how you keep them and when you move on is up to you. The personalities are divided up into 3 types of friend-seeking personalities:

Type A
This group is the safe group. This personality is satisfied with the current group of friends and don’t actively seek new friends. Type A has a tight knit group who generally hang out with each other. Advantages are type A has friends they can rely on. They can lean on each other, and is not afraid to ask for favors even though they can be far fetched. Disadvantages are beyond the group type A doesn’t actively attempt to make new friends. New faces are harder to come by.

Type B
This is the adventurous group. This group isn’t satisfied with the current group of friends and continuously seek out new friends. Type B is very friendly, open and excel at making new friends. Advantages are type B has lots and lots of friends. Everywhere type B goes they see people they recognize. Disadvantages are they don’t know their friends to the depth type A does. Type B doesn’t really have dependable friends to rely on. Friendship always stay shallow and before long type B moves on.

Type C
Hermit. Advantage hermit. Disadvantage hermit.

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  1. Helen Says:

    Hey Andrew, since I am not afraid to ask for favors even though they can be far fetched, I’m in your type A friend. HAHAHAHA

  2. Helen Says:

    Can I have your iPhone for Christmas?

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