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Congrats on the newest member of the Chen family.

Welcome Lydia!

Lydia was in a food coma even before she finished her 3 oz. of formula.  It was kinda funny to see her attempting so hard to finish the formula while fighting to stay awake.  I forgot my camera.  It layeth on my bed while I left the house without it.  The reason it was on the bed was so I wouldn’t forget.

6 Responses to “Lydia”

  1. dude Says:

    yay another baby! :)

  2. Stinky Tofu Says:

    is that Grace’s baby?! She’s a mom now?! NO WAY!

    Congrats uncle Andrew!

  3. goodwill Says:

    Wonderful! What a joyous time for Hannah, Ted, and Houston church.

  4. drew Says:

    uhh are you serious? that’s not my sister and that’s not my brother in law, and that’s not my niece. freak!

  5. Stinky Tofu Says:

    The adoption didn’t go through huh? Sorry man. better luck next time.

  6. Stinky Tofu Says:

    For the record, I meant adopting Andrew into the Chen family. It was a bad joke and I don’t want people to mistaken it for Lydia… My bad.

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