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I haven’t bought a lottery ticket in a long time.  So last week, while I was at the convenient store, I decided to buy one.  Keep in mind I’m wearing a company issued cap and t-shirt, my normal outfit for work.

Me:  Yes, I like a Mega Millions cash option.
Cashier:  Are you old enough?
Me:  (Smirks) I hope so.
Cashier:  It was a serious question.
Me:  (This cashier has no sense of humor) You want to see my ID?
Cashier:  No, that’s ok.
Me:  (Takes the lottery ticket) Thanks.

I’m flattered that you think I look 18, but most companies will not hire anyone under 21.  Only a few companies hire under 21 and if they do, rarely will they hire anyone under 18 with the exception of minimum wage jobs.

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