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Tonight I report from Boerne, Texas. If you don’t know where that is, look on the map. I was one of four selected to attend a class on the latest technology on the relay world. I’m one who’s all for training, but not the way our company conducts them. My first response when I found out on the phone I was going to this training was, “One day? What am I gonna learn in one day?” So the plan was to carpool out to Boerne, Texas and attend this class on Tuesday, then head back to Houston Wednesday morning. After getting out of class today at 5:00 pm, my hunch was correct. Half of the day was spent going over the features of this new relay and the last half of the day was spent with hands on for the relay. This company who makes the relay holds weeklong classes specifically on this equipment. Now how do you expect us to learn something in one day on something that obviously takes at least a week to grasp? The only thing I got from the class is a free trip to Boerne with my meals paid for. At least it was a change of scenery.

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