Westpark tollway

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The Westpark Tollway is set to increase from $1.25 during peak hours to $2.50.  The increase is hoping fewer drivers will use the tollway during peak hours.  Good thing I don’t use the Westpark Tollway for transportation.  Although the past year I’ve driven around the tollway during peak hours its been stop and go.  I don’t think raising the toll will solve the traffic issue.  Houstonians should have better public transportation system.  Metro should be allowed to expand on the Light Rail.  Businesses should have flex hours to lower the number of cars on the freeway during peak hours.  Big trucks should be off the freeway during peak hours.  Widening the freeways doesn’t always solve the problem.  When freeways are widened the problem is pushed further down the freeway where its not widened.

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  1. daniel Says:

    yeah, i think they just want more money.

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