Doctor’s visit

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Usually I have bad experiences at the Dr’s office, but yesterday’s experience was quite pleasant.  If one of my coworkers comes to work sick I always tell them to stay home for the sake of getting others sick.  So I try to follow the same rule when I’m sick.  I dislike going to doctors because doctors are in a profession that if they don’t know they are less likely to admit they don’t know.  You can imagine the outcome of a wrong diagnosis.  I’m not educated in the medical field, but common sense tells me coughing is contagious regardless if there’s a fever.  I’ve had doctors tell me I’m ok and to return to work immediately.  I also discovered Kelsey Seybold’s policy of having a fever to have additional days off work.  After the doctor diagnosed me with pre-flu like symptoms he gave me a nasal decongestant and cough suppressant as medication.  Surprisingly he asked, “Would you like tomorrow off?”  Wow, he read my mind.  Acting like he twisted my arm I replied, “Yeah, I would like tomorrow off.”  Now there’s a good doctor.  A doctor who puts my health in front of my job gets my thumbs up.

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