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The cheapest and preferred method of seeing a city is by walking it. There’s no other way to soak in a city other than walking it. Besides, everyone else might be in a hurry, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. I am starting to notice a pattern when I’m on vacation walking a city. Everytime I walk more than 4 miles a day after day 3-4 my lower back starts to ache. My lower back starts to ache possibly from the camera and lens I’m lugging around everyday. My lower back starts to ache possibly from the uncomfortable shoes I’m wearing. Or my lower back starts to ache because of a weaker core. Whatever it is, my lower back aches and it takes a few days of resting before I’m able to hit it hard again. Either that or I could be getting old.


I lose

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Before the trip I made a bet with a friend thinking since I would be on vacation I wouldn’t be able to work out. So the thought was that I was going to gain weight, the only question was how much. In my head I quickly calculated the rate of my metabolism with the rate of my eating and factoring the no exercise should yield a weight gain of over 3 pounds. Confidently I made the bet that if I wasn’t able to gain more than 3 pounds then I would lose. The day I got back to work I got on the scale to see how much damage I did. To my surprise I lost 1 pound from the before vacation weight. How did it happen? I don’t know. Did I eat less? Hardly.

Oh well, maybe next time I’ll bet the other way.


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Now that I’m officially back from vacation before I get to the details there’s a few things I would suggest before going on my next vacation.

Tripod: I like night shots of the city. In fact, the night shots I do get I post near 90% of them, the highest category of pictures I take. The downside is that I rarely take night shots, and taking the tripod is a hassle. I don’t have a solution for this, but from now on, I’ll leave the tripod at home and I’ll hand hold night shots. One thing I’ve noticed is that on top of buildings most places do not allow a tripod.

Flip flops: Anytime you visit a big city you do lots and lots of walking. This time it was hot enough to wear flip flops and I was actually smart enough to plan ahead. If I had to do it again I would get lighter more comfortable flip flops that will last from walking 4 miles per day.

Hand grip: Everyone who has seen me with a camera knows that I only use a side grip, no neck strap. It works in almost all occasions except on vacation. When traveling there are lots of times where you need to be looking at a map or constantly pulling out your wallet to pay for things. Either way you need all the spare hands you have. My solution is to invest in a side grip that also has a neck strap and put both on my camera.

Shoes: I can’t stress how important comfortable shoes are. You tightwads should pay attention because this can save you lots of trouble. Living in Houston shoes are more for show than walking. It is probably the reason Houston is always on top of the list for being the fattest city. Saying that investing in comfortable shoes can make the trip a ton more enjoyable.

Gifts: It’s a Chinese tradition to give gifts when you see friends and family. Don’t get me wrong I do embrace the concept, but people asking for specific things can get annoying. On vacation it’s hard to stop to find the things people want especially if my entire family hates shopping. My solution, you get what I give you. Sorry.

I don’t know where I’m going next, but I’ll be sure to make a few adjustments before I go.

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