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My last 4th of July in the Heights area. *tears*

Joannie and Kevin

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Congrats to Joannie and Kevin! Pictures are uploaded on my photo website.

Yes, I finally clicked on the “share” button on to link the picture to my blog. It was actually easier than I anticipated. Now I can post more pictures on the blog.


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Historically I’ve never liked moving. I’ve always been the type of person who likes to live close to the freeway and noisy places. I always choose convenience over the quiet places. This time in choosing a place to move, I wanted a quieter place with a good community and amenities. I found one but in doing so I would have to pack up all my things and move. I don’t care what people say, even if you get movers you still have to spend quite a bit of time packing and picking up heavy things. It’s unavoidable. I donated most of the heaviest pieces of furniture I own and doing so ended up assisting in moving them. Maybe next time I’ll hire people to pack and move for me. Yeah, that’ll be the day.

The backwards country

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After visiting different countries I come to realize how backwards America is. If I could go back in time whoever decided to use inches/feet instead of cm, gallons instead of liters, Fahrenheit instead of Celsius, pounds instead of kilograms, and miles per hour instead of kilometers per hour, I would say you are making a big mistake. You have no idea how many times I was asked how tall and how much I weigh in Taiwan and I had no idea. Thermostats were set at 24 degrees and I had no idea how cold or hot that was. Don’t forget to mention how fast when I was driving. Why we had to backwards is beyond me. Why couldn’t we stick to what everyone else in the world was using? I guess the best thing to do is get height and weight converted before I travel and a handy calculator with all the conversions programmed.


Jet lag

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The process of getting over jet lag can be a huge nuisance. I remember my last trip overseas the day before the flight back I got sick and was up the whole night. The flight back I spent passed out and overdosed in medication. The result is 0 jet lag. By the time I got stateside I was still tired and slept once it was night time. This time the flight back was torture. 15 total hours on the plane with less than 2 hours of sleep and I had to deal with the jet lag. I allowed 2 days to recover before going to back to work so I couldn’t allow my body to fall asleep during the day. First thing is to get things back to normal as much as possible. Even though you didn’t sleep the night before get up at the normal time you would and get out and about. It’s tougher when it’s the weekend cause you can’t use work to set your schedule. Still, find something to do, go visit friends, go to the mall you haven’t been to in a long time. Don’t nap. I can’t stress that enough. Being overseas is about 14-15 hours apart and right around afternoon to dinner time is when sleepiness really hits. This is the toughest time. I couldn’t sit and watch TV too long cause I would close my eyes and fall asleep so I would watch for a little bit and then get up and walk around. Then 8:00-9:00 get ready to sleep and reward yourself for fighting the urge to sleep. First night I got about 5 hours. Second night I got even less with about 4 hours of sleep. The third night I felt like I needed an extra edge cause working 10 hours a day I needed more than the sleep I was getting so I took Benadryl. Years ago I asked a pharmacist friend on the safest over the counter sleeping medication. His answer: Benadryl. I use Benadryl not to fall asleep but to keep me asleep. So even if I was waking up in the middle of the night Benadryl will keep me so sleepy I would fall back to sleep. A few nights taking Benadryl did the trick and my sleeping schedule was back to normal. One downfall during the process is now I tend to feel sleepiness early. 9:00-9:30pm is when the bed is looking real comfy. I always smirk at my coworkers for sleeping SO early. Now I’m doing the same thing and waking up super early without an alarm clock.

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