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It’s been decided. The best beaches in the nation belongs to California, specifically Los Angeles. How can you beat mid 60’s as the low and mid 70’s as the high? Growing up I was never much of a beach person cause of the heat, the humidity and Texas beaches mostly pick up mud. Yeah, very unpleasant. I think if I grew up with the Cali beaches I wouldn’t ever think beaches were torture. It’s unfair. I think if they have the weather, then they should have terrible beaches. And if we have terrible weather, we should have nice beaches. Yes?


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Dang this month is almost over.

There hasn’t been much to report on at home except the heat. We’ve had 20+ straight days where the temperature has been in the mid 90’s. We could sure use some relief especially since we aren’t in the hottest months yet….


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WWDC was Monday and Apple introduced their new line of laptops, software, and new phone. First of all, I’m a fan of the way Apple has the conference to come out and introduce the new products. I like how they use really easy terms, multiplication factors and percentages to prove a point. Apple’s always been good about not using benchmark numbers but easy numbers for the average consumer to understand. I also like how once they do the presentation you can buy the product that day. Most of the time they are able to have the product available that same day. This year the 13″ MacBook Pro was announced. I have to pick on this because in the beginning of the year at the last MacWorld Apple announced the MacBook Aluminum. I was sold and ready to downsize thinking the Aluminum line won’t be updated for 4 years minimum (following Apple’s trends). The MacBook Aluminum line lived only 6 months to be replaced by the 13″ MacBook Pro. To make it worse, the starting price drops for something better, faster, and now cheaper. Not only do I have a short lived notebook, I could possibly have a notebook with unique parts.


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The heat is on.

Well summer is officially here. You know how I know? In the afternoon I’m walking outside the bears down on me and immediately I start to sweat. The humidity outside makes anything 90 degrees feel like it’s over 100. It’s going to be a long summer. My only hope is that it doesn’t stay 85 degrees at night. When that happens it feels like there’s a drain on you all day and night.


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In recent gadget news, Sony Ericsson is ditching its Memory Stick in favor of Micro SD. Sony is about 7 years too late in doing this. There was a time I owned a Sony credit card and only favored Sony products. There has been too many proprietary hardware throughout the years for Sony to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Lesson learned, when you lead the industry in innovation and products, you don’t go creating your own standard to compete against the industry. It’s a battle that can’t be won. Sony has failed many times starting from the Beta to MiniDisc to UMD. It’s a costly lesson and in my opinion has cost Sony its reputation.

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