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Tonight the Rockets are on the brink of finishing the first round series against the Portland Trailblazers. I admittedly have been less of a Rockets’ fan in the past few years because it’s the same story every year. We’ve always got a strong team on paper but when it comes to performing we are always battling injuries. After being on the T-Mac wagon for many years I finally gave up on the whiney superstar. I believe as a team there are many sacrifices each individual player has to make. McGrady hasn’t reached the point in his career where he would do less to gain the wins. Perhaps he will never reach that point, who knows. I hope this is their year to get out of the first round. I’m tired of all the disappointing years. I know the team’s good enough to beat Portland. Go Rockets. I won’t celebrate until I know it’s a win.


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In my mind the best combination for wedding photography is having a 24-70mm f2.8 and 70-200mm f2.8. The close range is covered and if there’s something long distant the 200mm covers the distance. My current do it all lens is 24-105mm f4. With the 24-70mm f2.8 you get another stop of light, which is crucial in wedding photography. It’s tough enough fighting the constant light changes without adding the factor of a dark reception area. The best part about having Canon shooters as friends, everyone pay attention, you can borrow lenses. Over the weekend I borrowed the 70-200mm f2.8 to test-drive it. I knew it was a great lens and I would be satisfied with the pictures. But actually using the lens is what I was after. First impressions was a noticeably heavier lens. Other than stating the obvious bigger lens, lets get down to it. One thing I did notice, at 70mm and shooting something close, the camera won’t focus. It makes sense, it’s a zoom lens and at 70mm, compared to my do it all lens, I’m habitually standing too close to the subject. Take 3 steps back and problem solved. One nit pick I did have about the 5DM2 was that under low light the camera would have problems finding the focus. While using the 70-200mm I didn’t find any problems grabbing the focus. I was able to stand in the back comfortably and snap candid’s without the subject noticing. It’s a noticeable difference with the 24-105mm cause my subject notices I’m taking a picture. People tend to be less natural when they know they’re getting a mug shot taken. With the extra stop of light under aperture priority I was able to capture more than I normally would with more pictures in focus. After reviewing the pictures I’m quite happy with the results. Canon built a must have and it’s a lens I would like to add to my repertoire of lenses. I can see on a long day the lens would be heavy, but it’s a small price to pay for capturing the moment.


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I haven’t been to Dallas in a few years and last weekend was the first time in what feels like a long time. Our church had an RETW event hosted in Dallas church. I always go kicking and screaming to these events cause I don’t like to be out of the comforts of my own home. It holds true every single event I attend that when I’m sleeping there has to be someone snoring. It holds true every single event I attend I’m sleep deprived. Nevertheless spending the time to get closer to God always changes my attitude.

This time the focus was on teaching and different techniques we could use. One activity we did was teaming up into 2’s and your partner was blindfolded while the other one spoke and guided his/her partner through the obstacle course. During the drive home from Dallas to Houston I start reflected upon that particular activity. Even though the activity was fun and quite entertaining there’s much we can take from it. As an RE student there are obstacles in life we must face. The person instructing you is the RE teacher guiding the blindfolded student. Going through the obstacle course sometimes we need strict instructions and sometimes the instructions can be broad. Sometimes we are allowed to test the waters and sometimes we need someone to guide us through. Not everyone the student encounters will benefit them and not every decision the student makes will glorify God. But as teachers we are there to guide them, sometimes we are gentle, sometimes we are stern, and sometimes we are patient. However it’s undeniable how much we want the student to succeed in God’s eyes and be a shining beacon of light in a world growing dimmer and dimmer.

Saying that, I will probably be kicking and screaming going to the next event. Nevertheless I will make the best of it. Pictures are posted from the event.



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During the tech burst around 2002 most of my friends weren’t working. At the worst part I saw on the news the unemployment rate but still did not know anyone who lost his or her job. This time around, the financial crisis of 2008, the worst is not yet over (or so the news reports) and already 3 of my friends have lost their jobs. To me it seems like Houston hasn’t been hit hard by this recession. Try getting a parking spot on the weekends at the movie theater. It’s still as tough as ever. Try going to a semi popular restaurant on the weekends. It’s still as tough as ever. Houston’s not recession proof but it seems like it hasn’t slowed down enough to notice; yet 3 have lost their jobs. This recession has definitely hit closer to home.


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Today the blood drive was at the service center. Normal routine is to get to the shop early, give blood and snack on the freebies after. I was late getting back to the shop and at 4:30 I finally arrived to the blood drive. They are scheduled to be there until 5:00 and I’ve actually given blood and finished at 5:15. Upon arriving late I asked if they were still taking donations. “No.” Wow, my first time to be refused donated blood. This is a first. When this happens I promptly exit stage left.

Thanks but no thanks.

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