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I think I just noticed something today. I have no scientific proof but while cycling and sweating I noticed that my right arm was sweating more than the left arm. So if I’m right handed do I sweat more on the right arm than left? Maybe someone who’s left handed can tell me if my theory holds water.


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Radio is a big part of my commute. It’s a great way to kill time, listen to new music, and catch up on the news. The morning show was about how you know you are about to be fired. People called in and gave their story. While this was happening I was talking to my coworker adding in my own hints on how you know you are about to be fired.

Here are my 10 hints in no order you are about to be fired.

You come to the office to find you desk empty.
You find out that your name has been removed off your reserved parking spot.
You don’t get a paycheck on payday.
You get a note on your desk saying not to go out in the field, but instead meet with management immediately.
You get moved to a new office with just you in it.
You ID card doesn’t get you into the office.
You get told not to worry about filling out your timesheet anymore.
You find a letter addressed to you and you notice the sender is HR.
You find all your stuff in a box packed up for you.
You don’t get instructions on job show up when everyone else does.

Circuit City

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RIP Circuit City.

In my book, Best Buy has always been the brick and mortar store I turn to when it comes to electronics. Things are more organized and prices seem better. I do have to add the fact the Internet has hurt Best Buy’s sales. I almost can’t think of the last time I needed something so urgent I had to go to Best Buy to pick it up. These days Amazon, and Adorama fills my electronic needs.


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“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” ~ Will Smith


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Over the weekend and yesterday Ada visited Houston so we had to be on our best behavior. I don’t think I’ve been on my best behavior for that long. Actually it was suppose to start from Friday but I worked way later than normal. It all started at 4:35pm when I was winding down the day when the phone rang. Long story short I didn’t get home till 10:00pm exhausted. Saturday after church we ate and went to a Rockets game versus the Knicks. My first NBA experience was quite eye opening. However, after going to so many games over the years, it’s not as exciting and you end up expecting more. Sunday we met up for lunch did some light shopping and walked Discovery Green. I like the park and what it’s done for Houston. Walking the park reminds me of Paris how there’s city and all of a sudden there’s a park, but on a much smaller scale. If Discovery Green would be 3 times bigger it would better showcase downtown Houston. Monday was NASA day. I have a few complaints about NASA. Last time I can recall going to NASA was at least 18 years ago. Back then it wasn’t family oriented as it is now. Going back yesterday proved that it hasn’t changed much. C’mon, for the engineers and scientists who put a man on the moon certainly they can build a park that’s inviting and perhaps fun? 18 years later there’s a building with a few exhibits and shows you can watch. There’s also a tram ride that takes you weaving through normal office buildings and then to some of the actual mission control and mock space center. I don’t get it. The government pours billions into the space program and when you visit there’s not much to see.


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