Ice cold

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Just the past 2 days the temperature has dropped quite a bit in Houston. I always welcome cold weather because majority of the weather in Houston is dominated by our hot summers. I can handle cold weather, but I can’t handle bitter cold weather. When it’s overcast, gusts are up to 15mph and wet, it’s bitter cold. The one thing I can’t stand when it’s cold is when you turn on the water to brush your teeth or wash your hands the water’s like ice. Brushing teeth and washing hands isn’t enough reason for me to leave the water running until warm water comes. Besides, I don’t like to waste water. Instead I choose to suffer in the ice-cold water and wait for my hands and my mouth to thaw out. I guess my other option is to not wash my hands or brush my teeth. I don’t like tough decisions.

RIP Firewire

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Without any research or proof I think Apple will abandon their Firewire standard. I’m not one who likes proprietary standards so I hated Apple in creating a standard that wasn’t supported. However after using it I believe it in being better than USB. Here are the reasons why I think Apple will slowly phase out Firewire:

Licensing. You created a standard and now you want to charge people to use your standard? Not a smart move for 3% of the computer users using Apple. It did work and eventually PC’s supported with onboard Firewire ports. Apple should have learned IBM’s lesson when IBM licensed tokenring. It doesn’t work, and the free market will eventually overtake your standard.

USB3.0. I’m amazed at how fast USB3.0 will be. If my memory serves me correct, USB2.0’s announcement came well before Firewire800. Apple’s behind on something they’ll never catch up on.

Backwards compatibility. One of USB’s greatest achievement is that it stayed the same, physically. USB3.0 ports will be backwards compatible all the way back to USB1.0. Can’t say the same for Firewire. With Firewire800, now end users have to start over and buy new devices, and new cables.

MacBook. Newly designed MacBooks no longer have Firewire. Not because the computer can’t handle it, but because Apple would have to put both Firewire400 and Firewire800. Costs too much. I think in the future MacBook Pro’s won’t support it either. It doesn’t make much sense to have a laptop supporting 3 different types of standards.

There you have it. I did enjoy it while it lasted. I purchased a Firewire800 external enclosure for Time Machine and it works great.


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It’s been long awaited and it appears like the 3G iPhone unlock will be coming at New Year’s Eve.

Thanks iPhone Dev Team, I’ve been waiting for this since the first day of 3G iPhone’s release.


Daylight savings

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I’m not a fan of daylight savings. These days I’m at work when it’s dark outside and by the time i get home from work it’s dark again. It also gets dark too fast to play football late. Football has to start earlier. I can already see it. I’ll be a fat cow by spring time because I’m not getting enough exercise.


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The year’s almost over and looking back at my predictions from January it looks like I was right on a few of the predictions.

This was the year of iPhone clones/killers. Every cell phone manufacturer minus Motorola came out with a touch phone looking similarly to the iPhone. For those keeping track, Nokia just announced this week a phone that has the same form factor of the iPhone. Apple wasn’t the neither the first company to make a touch phone nor the first company to make a phone with the screen 2”x3”. However with its popularity, companies scrambled to compete and release a phone with similar specs on other networks, most notably the G1. The best thing about Google’s Android is that it has its own app store and since it’s open source many apps are free.

My iPod prediction hasn’t really panned out. iPod did get a fresh look and soon after Zune followed. iPods remain popular in Apple’s lineup even though an executive predicted its death.

The battle of the operating systems still continues between OSX and Vista. In reality OSX will never be as popular as Vista. The prediction stays true as most of the year magazines and newspapers continue to bash Vista. Dell followed the outcry by allowing purchasers to roll the computer back to XP.

The clear winner of the console battle is still the Wii. With WiiFit, Nintendo came out with another huge hit. WiiFit was sold out and again consoles were hard to land.

The battle of the format wars was Blu-Ray. I didn’t care because I didn’t invest in either technology and still don’t care because I haven’t invested in either technology.

Canon’s 5D Mark II in my opinion was the showstopper for Photokina. After two years of rumors Canon finally released it and started shipping as of early December. Thank you Canon for waiting SO long. Mine will arrive middle of this week. I can’t wait.

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