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All of us should be thankful 365 days out of the year. But Thanksgiving is a time people voice their thankfulness on TV. Most people are thankful for their health and family. Of course I’m very thankful for health and family, but on top of my list this year is:

I’m thankful for those around me who support me through my daily life.

I’m thankful for the number of friends who share the same passion in sports.

I’m thankful I’m still able to compete even though I’m the oldest 90% of the time.

I’m thankful that my love for sports has kept me healthy.

I’m thankful we play for fun because I’ve seen how bad it gets when we are competitive.


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Every year during Thanksgiving the potential for eating turkey twice is very likely. Usually a good friend will host a pre-Thanksgiving party for everyone. At the party I’ll see people I don’t usually see and perhaps new faces. It’s a good time to catch up to see what people have been doing. After the pre-Thanksgiving dinner, I always head home. Despite the long list of chores and manual labor I always make an effort to visit the parents. My parents usually keep the small groups and we’ll have Thanksgiving dinner with a few of their close friends. Either way the chance of overeating is multiplied two fold. Not every year do I escape overeating. In fact, every single year I overeat and pay the price twice. This year I managed to eat less on the second dinner thus reducing the damage by 1x. I hope to have better luck next year.

It’s late, but here goes….. Happy Thanksgiving!


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I’m saddened.

In a few days we will lose another in the group. It’s a part of life, things go on, and people move on. I’m one of the last to be in the group so the number of years I’ve known people is the least. Regardless the times we’ve shared together were great. I will remember for years to come all the sports we played together. Out of all the sports we’ve played I would have to say flag football is the one I enjoy the most. Everyone plays relaxed and the bottom line is we go out there and play for fun. I will remember all the nights we played poker. It was fun many a nights sitting around the table and talking about each other. Having the people who are there has always been better than the game of poker itself. I will remember all the different board games we played. I remember how dominant a certain team was. It was almost unfair. I did like Pictionary the best despite losing many many times. I will remember the number of times I was picked on and tricked. It only made me smarter and hesitant to be as gullible.

Alas, farewell Tammi. We’ve enjoyed you as much as you have enjoyed us. May the Bay Area be as good to you as Houston. Congrats, and hope to see you in the near future.

Btw, my couch will always be free. =P


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All these years of getting haircuts and I finally realized a pattern. For some reason when I sit on the chair to get my haircut I tend to fall asleep. The movies and TV shows often portray the barber’s shop as a place where people talk and catch up with gossip. When I get my haircut I don’t ever talk to the person cutting my hair. I never have and probably never will. Instead I sit with my eyes closed allowing the buzz to put me in a state where I’m about to fall asleep. There have been times where I did start the head-nodding thing.

Is that rude?


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It just hit me.

It’s not a good idea to eat a buffet after cycling class.

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