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Sometimes things go as planned while other times it doesn’t. Upon 3G iPhone’s arrival I stood in line 1.5 hours to get my hands on iPhone white. The plan was to use the phone for 30 days and cancel thus paying the early termination fee and keeping the phone. Then unlock the phone so I can use it under TMobile. 3G iPhone’s jailbreak came 2.5 weeks after launch so I was expecting the unlock to follow in the next 2 weeks. Close to 2 months later things haven’t changed. 3G iPhone still sits at the same status while going through 2 software upgrades. Still no unlock. What does that mean? Well, I spent $500 on a PDA is the long story short. It sits on my desk collecting dust with no service.

Not everything can go as planned. When it doesn’t have an exit strategy. 3G iPhone holds its value on Ebay.


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I’m officially one more step closer to being a Texan. Over the weekend I finally gave up my car for a truck. I’ve been talking about this for over a year now and I finally did it. As gas prices skyrocketed it drove prices lower for smaller trucks. Of course it was a gamble, but for the first time prices on small fuel efficient cars were selling for more than they were worth. My prediction was gas prices were going to hit its peak during Labor Day making dealers slash prices even more. The prediction was off by 3 weeks and I had to rush to get my car fixed to sell. Things worked out well and I was able to sell my car the same weekend I got the truck. Farewell Nissan Sentra. You’ve been good to me throughout the years being reliable and a gas sipper. Hello, Toyota Tacoma! Being a photographer, I haven’t even taken pictures of my new truck yet. Out of all my friends I will be the third person to own a Tacoma. So my new truck will be appropriately named: Taco3. You have a long way to go Taco3. Get comfortable cause I plan on keeping you for over 10 years.


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So I spent a weekend in Austin to help move. I’m not a big fan of moving nor am I a fan of moving my own stuff. But when you’re a college student you have to live the temporary life constantly moving from place to place. Here are a few of the pictures I got after the move.

Would you eat anything that looked like this when they served it? Guess what, it was Pluckers. Don’t look as disgusting as before huh?

This is us visiting the capitol. The last time I was at the capitol was when I was a student myself. Things haven’t changed except this time I had my camera with me to capture the moment. This picture is captured at 24mm.

Full zoom at 105mm looks like this. The picture looks a lot more interesting now that you can see the faces.

The rest of the pictures are posted.


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The Olympics are finally over and things can finally go back to a semi-normal state. For two weeks the world focused on Beijing as the top athletes in their respective country came and competed. It was estimated the Beijing games cost 40 billion; the most any country has spent hosting the games. Out of all the Olympics I remember, this has been the most exciting to watch. For a long time, the United States men and women’s track and field didn’t dominate. But other sports United States struck gold; men and women’s volleyball. I’m also glad because now I can sleep normal times now instead of staying up and watching the nightly broadcast. It’s been great; I love the spirit of competition. I’m also ready for 2012 in London.


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Anyone else think the Olympic judges are scoring the US women’s gymnastics lower than China? I’m not a seasoned gymnastics viewer, only when Olympics are on. Yet it seems China’s mistakes are far worse than US but China still scores higher.

Is this a conspiracy?

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